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VSAT Full Form-Very Small Aperture Terminal

Some other possible full forms for VSAT in English

  1. Variable-Speed Auditory Tone: In the field of audiology and hearing research, VSAT can refer to Variable-Speed Auditory Tone, which is a term used in experiments related to auditory perception.
  2. Vehicle Speed and Tracking: In some automotive and transportation contexts, VSAT may stand for Vehicle Speed and Tracking, referring to systems or technologies used for monitoring and tracking vehicle speeds.
  3. Veterinary School Admission Test: In the context of education, VSAT can also stand for Veterinary School Admission Test, which is an entrance exam used by some veterinary schools for admissions.
  4. Vessel Safety Assessment Test: In maritime and boating contexts, VSAT may refer to Vessel Safety Assessment Test, which could be a test or evaluation related to the safety of vessels.
  5. Video Security and Surveillance: In the realm of security and surveillance systems, VSAT might be used to represent Video Security and Surveillance Technologies or systems.