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TPM Full Form in Computer- Trusted Platform Module

The term “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM) refers to a specialized hardware component that provides security-related functions for computers, particularly in the realm of encryption, authentication, and secure boot. Here’s an elaboration on TPM:

  1. Hardware Security Chip: A TPM is a dedicated hardware chip embedded on the motherboard of a computer or included as a separate module. It operates independently of the computer’s main processor (CPU) and has its own secure microcontroller.
  2. Security Functions: TPMs perform various security functions, including:
    • Secure cryptographic key generation and storage: TPMs generate and securely store cryptographic keys used for encryption, decryption, and authentication processes.
    • Secure encryption and decryption: TPMs provide hardware-accelerated cryptographic operations, enhancing the security and performance of encryption and decryption tasks.
    • Secure boot: TPMs verify the integrity of the computer’s boot process by storing measurements (hashes) of firmware, bootloader, and operating system components. This helps prevent tampering or unauthorized modifications to the boot process.
    • Platform integrity and attestation: TPMs can attest to the integrity of the computer’s hardware and software configuration, providing evidence of the system’s trustworthiness to external entities.

Some other possible full forms for TPM.

  1. Transactions Per Minute
  2. Third Party Maintenance
  3. Tape Performance Management
  4. Temperature Programmed Microscopy
  5. Total Preventive Maintenance
  6. Technology Process Management
  7. Traffic Pattern Matching