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QR Full Form in Computer-Quick Response

“Quick Response” (QR) typically refers to a Quick Response code, which is a two-dimensional barcode that can store information horizontally and vertically.

Here’s an elaborate explanation of Quick Response (QR):

  1. Information Storage: QR codes can store various types of information such as text, URLs, contact information, or other data. Unlike traditional barcodes that store data only horizontally, QR codes can store data both horizontally and vertically, allowing them to hold much more information in a smaller space.
  2. Matrix Pattern: QR codes consist of black squares arranged on a white square grid. The arrangement of these squares represents encoded data. QR codes come in different sizes and versions, with larger versions capable of storing more information.

Some other possible full forms for QR.

  1. Quality Ratio
  2. Quantum Resonance
  3. Quick Reference
  4. Quota Request
  5. Query Response
  6. Quality Review
  7. Quick Report: