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PPTC Full Form -Positive Temperature Coefficient

Some other possible full forms for PPTC in English

  1. Positive Temperature Coefficient: PPTC is often used to refer to “Positive Temperature Coefficient” devices, which are also known as PTC thermistors. These are electrical components that have a resistance that increases with temperature. They are commonly used in overcurrent protection circuits to help prevent damage to electronic devices.
  2. Passport and Travel Card: In some contexts related to immigration and travel, PPTC may stand for “Passport and Travel Card,” referring to the documents required for international travel.
  3. Pre-Primary Teacher’s Certificate: In the field of education, PPTC may refer to a “Pre-Primary Teacher’s Certificate,” which could be a qualification or certification for individuals teaching young children in preschool or pre-primary school settings.
  4. Punjab Public Service Commission: In the context of government and employment, PPTC may refer to the “Punjab Public Service Commission,” which is responsible for conducting recruitment and competitive examinations for various government positions in the Punjab state of India.