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IRB Full Form-Institutional Review Board

Some other possible full forms for IRB in English

  1. Institutional Review Board: In the field of research and ethics, IRB stands for “Institutional Review Board.” It is a committee responsible for reviewing, approving, and overseeing research involving human subjects to ensure ethical standards and the protection of participants.
  2. Indian Reserve Battalion: In the context of law enforcement and security in India, IRB can refer to “Indian Reserve Battalion.” These are specialized police units used for various security and law enforcement purposes.
  3. Internal Revenue Bulletin: In the United States, IRB can stand for “Internal Revenue Bulletin.” It is a publication by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that contains official information and guidance on tax regulations and procedures.
  4. Interest Rate Benchmark: In finance and banking, IRB may refer to “Interest Rate Benchmark,” which is a benchmark or reference interest rate used for various financial transactions, including loans, mortgages, and financial derivatives.
  5. Intermediate Representation Base: In the field of computer science and programming languages, IRB can stand for “Intermediate Representation Base.” It refers to a level of abstraction used in compilers and programming language implementations to represent program code before it is translated into machine code.
  6. International Rugby Board: The International Rugby Board was the former name of the organization that governs the sport of rugby union worldwide. In 2014, it was renamed World Rugby.