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ICMA Full Form-Institute of Cost and Management Accountants

Some other possible full forms for ICMA in English

  1. Institute of Cost and Management Accountants: This is one of the most widely recognized full forms of ICMA. It refers to professional accounting organizations that provide education and certification in the field of cost and management accounting.
  2. Indian Classical Music and Arts: ICMA can also stand for organizations or events related to Indian classical music and arts. In this context, it may be used to denote institutions, festivals, or societies that promote and celebrate Indian classical music and arts.
  3. International Christian Maritime Association: ICMA can refer to an international association that brings together various Christian maritime ministries and organizations to provide spiritual and practical support to seafarers.
  4. Integrated Circuit Manufacturers Association: In the field of electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, ICMA can stand for an organization or group related to integrated circuit manufacturing and technology.
  5. International Congress on Mathematical Archaeology: ICMA can also be associated with conferences or events related to mathematical archaeology, which is a field that uses mathematical and computational methods to study archaeological and historical data.