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HTLC Full Form-Hashed Time-Locked Contract

Some other possible full forms for HTLC in English

  1. Hashed Time-Locked Contract: In the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency, HTLC can stand for “Hashed Time-Locked Contract.” It is a smart contract that uses cryptographic hash functions and time locks to facilitate secure and conditional transactions between parties.
  2. High-Throughput Liquid Chromatography: In chemistry and analytical science, HTLC may refer to “High-Throughput Liquid Chromatography.” It is a technique used for separating, identifying, and quantifying components in a mixture, particularly in biochemical and pharmaceutical analysis.
  3. Higher Technical and Leadership Course: In military and defense contexts, HTLC can represent “Higher Technical and Leadership Course,” which refers to a training program for military personnel to develop technical and leadership skills.
  4. Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type C: In medical terminology, HTLC can stand for “Human T-Lymphotropic Virus Type C,” which is a retrovirus that can infect human T cells and is associated with various diseases.
  5. Harmonized Tariff and Licensing Code: In international trade and customs, HTLC may refer to “Harmonized Tariff and Licensing Code,” which is a standardized coding system used to classify products for customs and trade purposes.