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EVD Full Form in Medical-External Ventricular Drain

In the medical field, “EVD” typically stands for “External Ventricular Drain” or “External Ventricular Drainage.” An external ventricular drain is a medical device and procedure used to relieve elevated intracranial pressure (pressure within the skull) or to remove cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the brain’s ventricular system. This device is often used in neurosurgical and critical care settings to manage conditions such as hydrocephalus, traumatic brain injuries, or intracranial hemorrhages.

An EVD consists of a thin, flexible catheter that is inserted into one of the brain’s ventricles (fluid-filled spaces) through a small hole in the skull. The other end of the catheter is connected to an external drainage system, which allows for the controlled drainage of excess cerebrospinal fluid. This procedure can help reduce intracranial pressure and prevent further damage to the brain.

EVDs are carefully monitored by healthcare professionals, and adjustments are made as necessary to maintain appropriate intracranial pressure and fluid balance. They are a crucial tool in the management of neurosurgical and neurological conditions.

Some other possible full forms for EVD.

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