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EBRT Full Form-External Beam Radiation Therapy

Here are some possible full forms for EBRT in English

  1. External Beam Radiation Therapy: This is a type of cancer treatment that uses focused beams of radiation from outside the body to target and destroy cancer cells.
  2. Event-Based Real-Time: In computer science and engineering, EBRT can refer to systems or processes that respond to events as they occur in real time.
  3. Energy-Based Regression Testing: In software testing, EBRT can refer to a methodology that focuses on testing software using energy consumption as a metric to assess performance and efficiency.
  4. Emission-Based Road Tolling: This could refer to a transportation system where tolls or fees are based on the emissions produced by vehicles, encouraging the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.
  5. European Board of Radiology Training: In the medical field, EBRT can refer to specialized training and certification in radiology within the European context.
  6. Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (stock symbol): EBRT is the stock ticker symbol for Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc., a company engaged in the ocean transportation of dry bulk cargoes.
  7. Electronic Brachytherapy: This is a form of radiation therapy that involves delivering radiation from inside the body using a specialized device.
  8. Economic and Business Research Team: In an organizational context, EBRT could refer to a team focused on conducting research and analysis related to economics and business.