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DNR Full Form in Medical-Do Not Resuscitate

“Do Not Resuscitate,” commonly abbreviated as DNR, refers to a medical directive or order that specifies a patient’s wish not to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest.

A DNR order is established when a patient, often in consultation with their healthcare provider, makes a decision that, in the case of cardiac arrest or cessation of breathing, they do not wish to undergo resuscitative measures such as chest compressions, intubation, electrical defibrillation, or administration of certain medications.

It’s crucial to note that a DNR order is a legal and medical decision that should be discussed thoroughly with healthcare providers and family members to ensure that the patient’s wishes are clearly understood and documented in their medical records. This directive is an essential aspect of advance care planning, helping ensure that a patient’s desires regarding end-of-life medical care are respected.

Some other possible full forms for DNR.

  1. Department of Natural Resources
  2. Digital Noise Reduction
  3. Dividend and Interest Rate
  4. Dynamic Noise Reduction
  5. Data Not Received