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CR Full Form in Medical-Computed radiography

Computed Radiography (CR) is a medical imaging technique that uses a photostimulable phosphor plate to capture X-ray images. Here’s how the process generally works:

  1. Exposure to X-rays: The patient is exposed to X-rays, and these X-rays pass through the body. Some of the X-rays are absorbed by the tissues, while others pass through and reach the imaging plate.
  2. Imaging Plate: The imaging plate used in CR is coated with a layer of photostimulable phosphor crystals. These crystals have the property of storing energy when exposed to X-rays.
  3. Storing Energy: When the X-rays strike the phosphor crystals in the imaging plate, the crystals store the energy. The amount of energy stored is proportional to the amount of X-rays that reached the plate, which in turn is influenced by the varying densities of different tissues in the body.
  4. Image Capture: After exposure, the imaging plate is removed from the patient and processed in a special CR reader. The reader uses a laser to scan the plate, releasing the stored energy as light.
  5. Light Emission: The light emitted from the phosphor crystals is captured and converted into an electronic signal. This signal is then used to create a digital image of the internal structures of the body.

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