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COM Full Form-Commercial

Here are some other possible full forms of COM in English

  1. Component Object Model: A programming model used in software engineering to enable communication between software components on different computers or networks.
  2. Command: Often used in the context of computer programming to refer to a directive or instruction that tells a computer to perform a specific action.
  3. Commercial: In various contexts, “COM” might be used as an abbreviation for “commercial,” indicating something related to business or commerce.
  4. Communication: Used to denote the act of conveying information or messages between individuals, systems, or devices.
  5. Committee: Referring to a group of individuals appointed or elected to consider, investigate, or make decisions about a specific matter.
  6. Common: In certain contexts, “COM” could be short for “common,” indicating something that is shared or prevalent.
  7. Commander: Often used in military or organizational contexts to refer to an individual in a leadership position who commands and directs others.
  8. Comedy: Used to indicate content or performances that are intended to be humorous or entertaining.
  9. Commerce: Referring to the exchange of goods, services, or information between individuals, businesses, or nations.
  10. Computer: “COM” might also be used informally as an abbreviation for “computer.”
  11. Community: Referring to a group of people who share common interests, goals, or characteristics.
  12. Compact: Used to describe something small, condensed, or efficiently designed.
  13. Company: Often used in business contexts to refer to an organization engaged in commercial or industrial activities.
  14. Communication Officer: In organizational or public relations contexts, a Communication Officer is responsible for managing and facilitating communication efforts.
  15. Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE): A prestigious British honor awarded for outstanding contributions in various fields.