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CMV Full Form-Cytomegalovirus

Here are some other possible full forms of CMV in English

  1. Cytomegalovirus: This is one of the most common interpretations of “CMV.” It refers to a type of herpesvirus that can cause infections, especially in individuals with weakened immune systems.
  2. Cash Management Vehicle: In finance, a “CMV” could refer to a financial instrument or account used for managing cash flow and liquidity.
  3. Commercial Motor Vehicle: In transportation and safety regulations, a “CMV” might stand for “Commercial Motor Vehicle,” referring to vehicles used for commercial purposes, such as trucks and buses.
  4. Constant-Magnitude Voltage: In electronics, a “CMV” could refer to a constant magnitude voltage, which remains at a consistent level.
  5. Community Mobility Vehicle: This could refer to a vehicle designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in community settings.
  6. Cargo Manifest Verification: In shipping and logistics, a “CMV” might refer to the process of verifying cargo manifests for accuracy and compliance.
  7. Change Management Verification: In project management and business processes, a “CMV” could refer to the verification process for changes made to systems or procedures.
  8. Common Mode Voltage: In electrical engineering, a “CMV” might refer to the common mode voltage present in differential signal pairs.
  9. Computer-Managed Vision: In technology and automation, a “CMV” could refer to a system or software that manages visual data and processes in computer vision applications.
  10. Customer Managed Vehicle: In business and fleet management, a “CMV” might stand for “Customer Managed Vehicle,” indicating that the customer manages the maintenance and use of the vehicle.
  11. Center for Migration and Visas: This could refer to an organization or entity focused on migration and visa-related services and information.
  12. Cell-Mediated Vaccine: In immunology, a “CMV” might refer to a vaccine that elicits a cellular immune response.