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CGPA Full Form- Cumulative Grade Point Average

Here are some other possible full forms for CGPA in the English

  1. Cumulative Grade Point Average: This is the most common and widely recognized full form for “CGPA.” It refers to a grading system used in education to represent the average of grade points earned in courses over a certain period.
  2. Center for Global Policy Analysis: “CGPA” might refer to an organization or center focused on policy analysis and research with a global perspective.
  3. Canadian Green Power Association: This could denote an association or organization focused on promoting and supporting the use of green and renewable energy sources in Canada.
  4. Controlled Goods Program Application: In regulatory and security contexts, “CGPA” could refer to an application for the Controlled Goods Program, which regulates access to controlled goods in Canada.
  5. Cost-Grade-Price-Analysis: In business and finance, “CGPA” might represent an analysis that considers the cost, grade, and price of goods or services.
  6. Clinical Genomic Pathology Assay: In medical and genetics contexts, “CGPA” could refer to an assay or test related to clinical genomic pathology.
  7. Central Government Provident Fund: In financial contexts, “CGPA” might refer to a provident fund managed by the central government of a country.
  8. Catalytic Green Polymerization of Alkenes: In chemistry, “CGPA” might refer to a process or reaction involving the catalytic green polymerization of alkenes.
  9. Certified Grant Planning Associate: In grant writing and funding, “CGPA” might refer to a professional certification for individuals involved in grant planning and writing.
  10. Creative Graphic and Print Arts: “CGPA” could denote a program, course, or field related to creative graphic design and print arts.