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CDS Full Form- Combined Defence Services

Here are some other possible full forms for CDS in the English

  1. Credit Default Swap: In finance, a CDS is a financial derivative that allows an investor to “swap” or offset the risk of default on a loan or debt security, often involving bonds.
  2. Command and Data System: In space exploration and aerospace engineering, a CDS is a system that manages the command and data communication between a spacecraft and ground control.
  3. Compact Disc Single: This refers to a single music track released on a compact disc (CD), often used in the context of the music industry.
  4. Census and Demographic Studies: This could refer to studies and analyses related to population census data and demographic trends.
  5. Common Data Service: In the context of Microsoft Power Platform, a CDS is a cloud-based storage and management service for data that is used by various Microsoft applications and services.
  6. Chronic Diarrhea Syndrome: In medical contexts, CDS might refer to a syndrome characterized by persistent and chronic diarrhea.
  7. Comprehensive Development Scheme: This could refer to a plan or program aimed at comprehensive and integrated development in a specific area or region.
  8. Centralized Document Services: This might refer to a centralized department or service responsible for managing and distributing documents within an organization.
  9. Cross-Directional Sensing: In industrial processes like paper manufacturing, CDS might refer to sensing and control systems that operate across the width of the production line.
  10. Collaborative Decision-making System: This could relate to a system designed to facilitate collaborative decision-making processes within teams or organizations.