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CDC Full Form in Computer-Change Data Capture

“Change Data Capture” (CDC) refers to the process of identifying and capturing changes made to data in a database. The primary goal of CDC is to track and record modifications to the data so that applications and users can be aware of what changes occurred, when they occurred, and what the new values are.

Here are some key points about Change Data Capture:

  1. Granular Tracking: CDC allows for the tracking of changes at a granular level, such as inserts, updates, and deletes, on specific tables or columns within a database.
  2. Historical Data: It keeps a historical record of changes, enabling users to analyze the evolution of data over time. This can be crucial for auditing, compliance, and reporting purposes.
  3. Efficiency: By selectively capturing only the changed data, CDC can be more efficient in terms of both storage and processing compared to capturing and storing the entire dataset each time a change occurs.
  4. Integration with Data Warehousing: CDC is often used in conjunction with data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. It allows for the extraction of changed data from source databases to populate data warehouses or data marts.
  5. Real-time or Batch Processing: Depending on the implementation, CDC can operate in real-time, capturing changes as they happen, or in batch mode, where changes are periodically processed and extracted.

Some other possible full forms for CDC.

  1. Cybernetic Data Custodian
  2. Cryptic Data Chronicles
  3. Code Deployment Conjurer
  4. Cognitive Data Curator
  5. Crisis Detection Console
  6. Curious Data Explorer
  7. Chronicles of Digital Changes
  8. Cascade of Dynamic Codes
  9. Clever Database Conjuring
  10. Contextual Data Chameleon