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AC Full Form in Medical-Ante Cibum

“Ante Cibum” (abbreviated as “AC”) is a Latin term used in medical prescriptions and healthcare to indicate the timing of medication administration or specific instructions related to food intake. It means “before meals.” When a prescription or medical instruction includes “AC,” it signifies that the medication should be taken on an empty stomach or before eating a meal. This is often done to ensure the medication is absorbed properly and its effectiveness is not compromised by the presence of food in the digestive system. The specific timing may vary based on the medication and the patient’s individual circumstances, so it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by a healthcare professional or on the medication label.

Some other possible full forms for AC in Medical.

  1. Acromioclavicular
  2. Alternating Current
  3. Air Conduction
  4. Adenylate Cyclase